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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Martyrs of Vietnam


Today is the day set aside for all the martyrs of Vietnam in the last 500 years.
Even though 117 martyrs are named, there are over 100,000 up to the present day to be included. Dominicans, of course, are among the many from the Church's various orders that were martyred.

For an excellent blog article on the Vietnamese Martyrs, visit Unam Sanctan's 2007 article about the subject!

It is often quoted, "The earliest martyrs mentioned in written sources are the Spanish Dominicans Francisco Gil de Federich and Matthew Alonzo Lenziana, who arrived in the country about 1580."  However, this information is very likely incorrect since most other sources place Francisco Gil de Federich in the mid-18th century.

The tortures these individuals underwent were among the worst in the history of Christian martyrdom. The means included cutting off limbs joint by joint, ripping living bodies with red hot tongs, and use of drugs to enslave the minds of the victims. Christians at the time were branded on the face with the words ta dao (false religion) and families and villages which subscribed to Christianity were obliterated.

The 117 martyrs were beatified in four groups, the first of them on 27 May 1900 (Pope Leo XIII), the second (all Dominicans) on 20 May 1906, a third on 2 May 1909 (both by Pope Pius X) and the last (including two Spanish bishops) on 29 April 1951 (Pope Pius XII). They were canonised in Rome on 19 June 1988 by Pope John Paul II.

Dominican Bishops
St. Dominic Hanares (1765-Jun. 22, 1838)
St. Vincent Yen (1764-Jun. 30, 1838)
St. Ignatius Delgado (1761-Jul. 12, 1838)
St. Jerome Hermosilla (1800-Nov., 1 1861)
St. Valentine de Berrio-Ochoa (1827-Nov. 1, 1861)
St. Joseph Mary Diaz-Sanjurjo (1818-Jul. 20, 1857)
St. Melchior García Sampedro (1821-Jul. 28, 1858)

Dominican Priests
St. Vincent Liem (1731-Nov. 7)
St. Dominic Hanh (1772- Aug. 1, 1838)
St. Joseph Fernandez (1775-Jul. 15, 1838)
St. Peter Tu (1776-Sep. 5, 1838)
St. Dominic Tuoc (1775-Apr. 2, 1839)
St. Thomas Dou (1778-Nov. 26, 1839)
St. Dominic Xuyen (1786-Nov. 26, 1839)
St. Joseph Hien (1775-May 9, 1840)
St. Dominic Trach Doia (1792-Sep. 18, 1840)
St. Matthew Alonso Liciniana (1702 -Jan. 22, 1745)
St. Francis Gil de Federich (1702-Jan. 22, 1745)
St. Vincent Liem Le Duang (1731-Nov. 7, 1773)
St. Hyacinth Castañeda (1743 -Nov., 7 1773)
St. Peter Almató y Ribera (Nov. 1, 1830-Nov. 1, 1861)
St. Dominic Mau (1808-Nov. 5,1858)
St. Joseph Tuan (Van Tran) [OP priest] (1821-Apr. 4, 1861)

Lay Dominicans
St. Dominic An Kham (1799-March 11, 1859)
St. Joseph Uyen (1775-Jul. 4, 1838)
St. Joseph Canh (1963-Sep. 5, 1938)
St. Francis Xavier Mau (?-Dec. 19, 1839)
St. Dominic Yu (?-Dec. 19, 1839)
St. Thomas De (1810-Dec. 19, 1839)
St. Augustine Moi (1806-Dec. 19, 1839)
St. Stephen Vihn (1814?-Dec. 19, 1839)
St. Thomas Toan (1767-Jun. 27, 1840)
St. Joseph Khang (1832-Dec. 6, 1861)
St. Dominic An Kham (Pham Thong) (1799-Jan. 13, 1859)
St. Luke Cai Thin (Trong Pham) (1819-Jan. 13, 1859)
St. Joseph Cai Ta (Pham Thong) (1800-Jan. 13, 1859)

Dominican Tertiaries
St. Augustine Schoeffler (1822-May 1, 1851) priest, M.E.P.
St. Dominic Caam (An-Kham) (?-Mar. 11, 1859) priest
St. Thomas Khuong (1779-Jan. 30, 1860) priest


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