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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bl. Peter of Tiferno (Peter Capucci)

Blessed Peter Capucci (b. 1390 ) was of a noble family. He was received into the order together with St. Antoninus. Fra Angelico and Fra Benedetto were his friends.

Feeling the need to atone for his noble birth, he begged for alms to give to the poor and to make sure his other mendicant brothers had food. He was known for his passionate, sometimes relentless, pursuits in converting others back to the faith. He was also known as the preacher of death because he used to preach with a skull in his hands (inspiration for Hamlet?). Like the great saint of our own times, Padre Pio, he was gifted with the ability to read hearts. He was a miracle worker in life and he continued working them in death. He died a natural death in 1445.

Late 19th Century Prayer

O God, who hast declared that Thy faithful, by continually remembering their latter end, shall never sin, grant, through the prayers and example of Blessed Peter, Thy Confessor, that we may so bear in mind our temporal death, that, by continually weeping over the sins we have committed, we may avoid eternal death. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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