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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Sad Affair of Bishop Morris

The unfortunate situation with former Bishop Morris of Australia is still rearing it's ugly head in the Catholic "press."

"The National Catholic Distorter Reporter" ran a story on it today as the former Bishop is still publicly yelling "foul" and demanding public release of private Vatican reports neither the public or he, individually, have access rights to.

You can read NCR's article here.
It's been a while since I've wrote to them or replied to an article until now. The following is my response to the article appearing on their site:
This situation is very sad and should never have to happen to a successor of the Apostles. But if one is to be in place as an apostolic successor, the teachings of the Apostles must remain intact.

The situation is not really new; the Vatican has been trying to remove the Bishop for a few years. Bishop Morris, sadly, has a long history of conflict with the teachings of the Church and the Magisterium. This conflict was not limited to the "question" of priestly ordination for women (although it certainly is an important element of the situation). Even his simple but adamant call for "dialogue" concerning "women's ordination" is an in-your-face disdain for the Code of Canon Law: the casting of doubt on the Church's teaching of ordination (of women) is a transgression to be reprimanded. His actions very publicly showed contempt for "Ordinatio Sacerdotalis" by Pope John Paul II.

The visitation was his own doing; it was the result of his stubborn refusal to go to Rome when he was called there to account for himself. Before this, He was given many opportunities to correct his errors and more than once actually met with Vatican officials in-person...including one audience with the Holy Father himself!

For the last few years he was basically a squatter in the office of bishop as he refused to give his resignation when told to do so. His juvenile obstinacy forced the Vatican's hand in making it a publicly announced removal.

He was chosen as a successor to Christ's Apostles and more than anything else, we should be praying for him. Not only for his own soul which he has put in danger but all the souls that were put in his charge which he has also put in grave danger. All members of Christ's Mystical Body, down to the lowest of us, deserve our leaders and teachers to be true and help in saving our eternal souls, not contributing to their damnation. Bishop Morris was a shepherd leading his flock into a pit.

Mr. Brian Batty, O.P.


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