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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crisis of Faith Fake it 'Till You Make it.

Despite what the graphic in the left column of this blog says, it is not true that I pray the Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office). I haven't prayed the Rosary, Divine Office or any other prayer in over 3 weeks now. I simply can't seem to make myself pray anymore. I don't know how much longer this "fake [faith] it till you make" act in going through the other Church motions can continue. I'm going to have to fall off the fence soon; who knows which side I'm going to land.


kjbrown39 said...

Brian, God bless you. I've had a full year of the same. As a faithful Catholic, wife and mother of nine, the guilt overwhelms me; all of those eyes looking to me to make a difference in the world through my faith and the way in which I carry it out. Want to know why I'm most concerned? It's not just you and me. It's spreading like the plague. Good people are making poor choices. We have virtually forgotten the words to prayers that we have prayed all of our lives. We feel numb inside and although we may feel God walking beside us, we know we are not pulling our own weight. We know better... much better. We remember when we were filled with the Holy Spirit and glowed from the inside when we walked down the street. We long for that feeling again and yet it seems like a lifetime ago.

I wish that I had answers for you. I haven't found them myself. I'm trusting that God has my back... and yours, too.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to feel guilty. Just make an effort -- any effort -- to pray. Maybe God is using this as a way to show you that He is in control. It is a scary prospect, but apart from Him we can do nothing.

Jesus I trust in You!

Miles D. Sutter said...

From time to time we may experience "spiritual dryness" and come close to despair, perhaps even as Job, but we must keep the faith and pray as Our Lord did in the garden and unite our sufferings to His. We may languish in the garden, in agony, praying "Father let this cup pass, but not my will be done but thine will be done." Keep the faith brother and let’s pray for each other for God to increase our faith.

Caterina63 said...

Do not be discouraged, but please do not feel a thing, do it for free, and the fruits will come!

Forgive the translation from google, but I do not speak English

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