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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Post Acute Myocardial Infraction Musings

The blog has once again been neglected due to my recent incidents (note the plural) of acute myocardial infration, otherwise known as heart attacks (sheesh!).

As most of the post heart attack fear and stress is slowly fading, there is the new fear of what impact this may have on my now 7 year (this month) struggle for any type of ordination in the Church. I often wonder where my priorities are - as I lay there embarrassingly exposed while they did my cardiac catheterization, all I thought about the entire time was if and how there was a possibility this would prevent me from ever becoming a priest. I decided on the table not to give up on life even if the only dream I have can no longer remain just a hope.

I've been ignoring people too, but now it's time to move back into Creation. Moving on, let's see what business we can get down to with prayer, study, community and apostolate!



Anonymous said...

May God bless you Brian! A man who's come so close to death would, I think, be an excellent candidate for ordination. Who better to bring us to first things than one who has had such close contact with them?

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