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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Dominican Habit

As it is the traditional memorial day for Blessed Reginald, a special mention of the Dominican habit is apropos.

It has been often mentioned how striking and beautiful the habit of the Order of Preachers is. I have to agree and fully admit bias.

As the well known history goes, Bl. Reginald was showed the habit the order should wear in a vision from the Blessed Virgin. Until that time, the habit of the Canons Regular of Osma was worn as that was the original order of St. Dominic.

These excellent pages from the Australian Province demonstrate the distinct parts of the habit and the prayers said while being donned. Enjoy the pictures below showing off the habit.

Vision of the Dominican Habit by Fra Angelico
The Vision of the Dominican Habit

Dominicans wearing capello romano
Dominican friars wearing the capella romano with their habits

Contemporary friars (from the official US OP site)

Dominican sisters in Krakow
Dominican sister from Krakow (from their site)


Anonymous said...

I am offended of the obscene mockery shown in of some of the models. The religious habit of true religious women is sacred!
For shame!!!

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