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Monday, January 26, 2009

Blessed Andrew of Peschiera

Today is Bl. Andrew Grego's memorial in the Traditional Calendar.
In the new (current) calendar it is celebrated 19 January.

Blessed Andrew was born at Peschiera, Italy in 1400 and entered the Order in a reformed priory of the Congregation of Lombardy. Itinerant. preaching was his life's ministry, especially in the Valtelline region of the Italian Alps where he laboured for forty-five years. Travelling on foot and living with the poor, he reconciled many to Christ. He died at the priory of Morbegno on January 18, 1485.

Bl. Andrew Grego is one those shining examples of struggle and humility in his vocation. From the earliest age he was unquetionably loyal to his father and endured ridicule from his family for his piety. He wanted to be a hermit, but decided to enter a monastery after his father died. His brothers were meriless in their derision yet he would beg their forgiveness for having annoyed them!

He was only 15 when he received the Dominican habit then sent to the convent Florence, Italy. From there he became the great missionary and preacher he was for the rest of his life. He traveled the alps struggling against both inclement weather and dangerous heretics to preach Christ and rescue many from heresy.
He was a miracle worker in life as well as at his tomb, but it's been said that "probably his greatest miracle was his preaching, which produced such fruits in the face of great obstacles."

First Vespers:
Ant. Strengthen by holy intercession, O Andrew, confessor of the Lord, those here present, have we who are burdened with the weight of our offenses may be relieved by the glory of thy blessedness, and may by thy guidance attain eternal rewards.

V. Pray for us, Blessed Andrew.

R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


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